Welcome To REACH Church

We are so glad that you’ve decided to check us out and hope you will join usthis weekend! REACH can't be explained in a few paragraphs. You reallyhave to experience it for yourself, but here are a few things that you mightwant to know about our weekly gathering.

What should I expect?

We love to keep it simple and keep it real. Our focus is to provide uninterruptedworship and clear teaching from the Bible. The atmosphere is relaxed and madeup of people from all ages and walks of life.

Each gathering is unique, so some services might be a little longer or shorter than others. However, we aim at an hour and a half each week.

At REACH, you’ll find we holding nothing back from God. Worship is our response to what He has done for us and we respond with all we've got! 

Our songs are inspirational, deep, challenging, and geared at pointing our hearts and affection towards God. He is the object of our worship, so our songsreflect that in style and lyrical foundation.

Children ages birth to 5th grade are welcome at REACH kids. Our volunteers arescreened and dedicated to investing in your children. The music, lessons, andinteractive play at REACHkids are aimed at their level.

We currently offer two classes: DISCOVER for newborns through 4 year old children which begins 15 minutes prior to the service, and NAVIGATE for K through 5th grade students. Because we value the positive impact worshipingtogether can have on the family, NAVIGATE is dismissed to class immediatelyfollowing worship.

Simply stated, we believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the Bible is God's chosen means of revealing Himself to us. Our beliefs inspire us to reveal God’s love and grace through authentic and transformational love.

For more information on what we believe, click here.