"Well don't screw it up now"

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Not one, but two of them flew through the aisle!! All the way from row 12 to row 21....and a half.  It was like a scene out of an action movie. Most of the passengers were frightened to see the flight attendants airborne (pun intended), but not me.  I was concerned for their safety, but not frightened.....nor was I surprised.  You see, I had watched this scenario play out over the last 15 minutes. Here is where it started:

"You are so good at this!" complemented the woman sitting in the row right in front of me (row 16 to be 16C for even a more specific visual).. "I have never seen anyone actually do a review with the passengers to make sure they understood" she continued.

That is when the attendant turned his head to her and motioned largely while uttering, "God I hope so, I've been at this for over 29 years now!" "So have I" said a female voice coming from behind my row.  They both smiled at each other and lightly laughed, as if to communicate an inside joke that could only be understood by someone who has seen their business go up......and down (get what I'm doing here)....over the past 3 decades.

I won't mention the airline this was on as to not engage in any slander accusations, but lets just say it was an American Airline... ya with me..

They then proceeded to reveal the fact that they had gotten this far without ever having experienced any big issues or mistakes on any of their flights.

At that proud moment of exaltation, there was another voice that arose from seat 15A.  It was a man that I had seen earlier in the Terminal (which by the way is a HORRIBLE thing to name anything in an airport.).  "Well don't screw it up now!" He half drunkenly shouted. Upon which we all laughed and had it been on film, would have been the perfect place to cut to a commercial.

"Flight Attendants please take your seats for take off" said the pilot over the intercom..  It was low volume but still obvious to those with their attention focused on making sure they can get this bird off the ground without needing our help.  They continued to engage in this discussion about all the years they had worked on this airline..  Having been on my share of flights throughout the years, I could easily see that we were pulling up to the take off area of the run way,....they continued to talk..

"You guys have less than 30 seconds to get back there to your seats" shouted a male voice from my row..  It was an authoritative, stern, instructive sounded voice. I looked over and realized it was coming from a man dressed in his Pilot uniform.  A pilot from the same American Airline..

Did they take heed to this instruction?......NAY!  It seemed as they were so comfortable with the way they usually did things and even more scary, instructed others on how to do things, that they missed the voices of those put in place to remind them of their own safety.

That is when it happened. The plane started moving forward.....faster and faster as the engines loudly erupted in to speeds that can literally lift thousands of pounds of metal off the ground and into the air.

Their faces were full of shock and fear.  They began to run as fast as they could to their seats in the back of the plane, but it was too late.  As soon as the plane lifted into the wheelie position their feet left the floor.  She flew by first.....then he followed.  Both of them began their final decent at row 19 and touched down around 21.....and a half.

They, having made violent contact with passengers on the way down, both stayed there on the the middle of the plane... while all of the passengers sat quietly watching.  The same passengers who had just been taught by these same two people, now watched the fall of the leaders who, for whatever reason that day, did not follow the rules they taught others to live by.

The guest pilot got up from his seat and carefully made his way back to them. To check on them, to help them up and ultimately, to position them to fulfill the job they were there to do.

There was so much to take from that moment that I had to write it down.  It is a great example of how many times in life we have found ourselves completely ignoring the warnings being sent our way... Not because we want to do a bad job.....but mostly because perhaps we get so used to instructing others on how they should handle themselves, we fail to hear the warnings being told to us to abide by the same rules.

We get so consumed with the flattery given to us by others saying how good we are that we ignore the obvious people that God sends to let us know "Don't screw it up now" we find ourselves deeper and deeper into the AutoPilot mode (see, im still doing it)..

If you are like me, someone who can easily look back at times I have fallen in life, I can easily see the warnings that were being given.....first small and comedic, then as it went on, more direct and stern.  And after injuring innocent people along for the ride, There is always that one pilot who gets up, makes their way to me, checks if I am okay, helps me up, and positions me to continue the job I have been placed here to do.

I hope this blog today serves either an initial reminder to "dont screw it up now", a stern warning, or a hand helping you back up.

Friend, it may be embarrassing at first to continue to do your assignment and live your life in front of all the people who have seen you fall, but trust me, its better than laying there on the floor the whole time complaining about how bad you hurt......and besides, ultimately, these people want their drinks and get back to it!


This blog is dedicated to Pastor Drew Isaacs .....Thanks for getting out of your seat and helping me up.


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