Do you know why I pulled you over...

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So there I am driving west on the Turnpike (which is already a bit frustrating in that the road was very pothole ridden and one would assume that since we pay to use this road it would be better kept…but that is another story for another time). The weather was rainy, not heavy rain though…it was just enough rain to require you to turn your wipers on low, but would smear and streak the windshield when attempting to clean.
I was coming up to the toll both (which always freaks me out a bit because for some reason i keep expecting a Troll to be managing the booth….but it never happens). I do not personally have a “pikepass” (this is a little 4×6 inch device you put on your dash or windshield that allows you to prepay and pass thru the toll booth area without stoping). but knowing I would be traveling on the turnpike, I borrowed one from my friend Joseph. So on i drove, never even slowing down for the Trolls managing the booths.

That's when it happened. I noticed that in my rear view mirror there was a Highway Patrol car with his lights on. At first I was certain that it wasn’t trying to pull me over because if you have ever riden with me you know, I do not speed….not that I don’t like speed…just that I spend so much time on the road traveling, that the odds of me getting a ticket for it are pretty high…so I just don’t.

He was getting closer and finally, he was right on my bumper. As I pulled over and waited, I started to get that nervous feeling….I didn’t know why he was pulling me over, so it forced me to think of different reasons it could be. I didn’t want to over think this as I knew that his initial question to me would be “do you know why i pulled you over”. I definitely didn’t want to feed him additional reasons he was unaware of.

After a brief overview of my insurance, and paperwork, he informed me that the reason he pulled me over is because i passed the toll both without stopping. to which i replied “but I have a pike pass”… which he responded “where is it”….to which i responded “right here on the…..?……hmmm, i swear it was right there on the dash……let me see here…?

After about 3 minutes of searching i found it under my seat. He was kind enough to believe my story and let me go with a warning. I was relieved at the moment, but after a while, a concept hit me that I have thought before…..

(Let me insert here the fact that I am a fan of police officers and even wanted to become one when I was younger…that wouldv’e been some sight).

This officer was hiding behind a billboard sign on the hwy. I know that it is important to keep the roads safe and enforce the boundaries, and we need that security. It just makes me think a bit deeper at times….you see, a large part of the mission statement of Police officers is to “protect and serve”. I believe that pulling people over does that. It just seems to get a bit confusing when out of no where a cop jumps out from behind the bushes. I mean if the point is to make me slow down and follow the rules, believe me, your presence alone will do the job. You don’t have to hide…we will all slow down when we see you. IRONICALLY, NONE OF THAT IS MY POINT

My point is this. It seems to almost mirror the behavior we show in relationships.  Most of us have a “protect and serve” mentality going into the relationship which somehow over time develops a tendency to become more critical toward each other.

Not only do we become aware of the flaws of each other, but it seems that at times we even secretly hide and wait to catch each other doing wrong. We want to make them pay for their inappropriate behavior.

This is crazy! Let’s remember that these are the people that we have, by choice, entered into relationships with. Let’s begin to show the same mercy on each other that we would want to receive back.

At times we all need to be pulled over and given a warning, but I would much rather my presence alone to cause those around me to want to do what’s right in life.

As for me, I am really going to make an effort to be the kind of friend that doesn’t hide and wait to see others fail….I believe that will help me “protect and serve” in a better way.

rock on

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