REACH Church began as a vision God gave Pastor Chad Wheeler in 2009. Having spent over 14 years in successful ministry, God stirred Chad’s heart to pastor with a different approach. As someone who did not ‘grow up’ in the church, his heart to motivate others to live out their faith beyond ‘traditional’ church walls exploded when a mentor mentioned the possibility of starting one.

“It was not a decision I came to quickly, yet one I knew God would bless. Leaving the stability of an established church and moving to a new community to start all over again was a paradigm shift I wrestled with for many months. But I have always been convinced that the church is what God desires to use to change the world. The possibility of watching Him make something from nothing became such a driving force in my life that ignoring it was unthinkable.”

In 2010, Chad and Jenny sold their home, left prominent positions, and headed south to start a church in Charlotte. Armed with a huge vision, years of ministry experience and a whole lot of faith, The Wheelers established REACH Church in March of 2011 with a home-group gathering of 17.

Exactly one year later, in March of 2012, God fulfilled a huge dream for REACH with the blessing of 13 acres of prime land and two buildings in south Charlotte! Renovations are underway as excitement for future growth and outreach begin to take root. Now firmly established in a permanent location, we look forward to serving the community here and beyond.